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+41 78 739 68 62
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outlaw one man band fighting out of winterthur, switzerland.
spreading wild blues and primitive rock'n'roll around the world.

>>> OUT NOW !! NEW TTT Album "Revolution"
10 blues drenched hard hitting ttt outlaw blues tracks
on beautiful 12" 180g black vinyl, digitaly and on CD.
send me email to order your copy !!


Tongue Tied Twin

10 blues drenched songs
anger, hope, peace and love !

featuring the poetry of
my twin brother
ian bazzard from wales.

proud of that record !!

29.06.2018 Hangar Rocking, St. Stephan
Voodoo Rhythm Circus with loads of other Bands !!
01.08.2018 Lattich, St.-Gallen
25.08.2018 Ride the Hill, Hauenstein
03.11.2018 DJ T.T.T. at Mata Hari, Zureich
Shake Shack with Lace Vegas !
30.11.2018 Chybulski,Feldkirch (Austria)
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16.06.2018 Nachtbazaar, Zug
17.05.2018 SAS, Delemont
31.04.2018 Werkstatt, Baden
28.04.2018 Bidl House , Germany
27.04.2018 Honky Tonk Festival , Luzern
31.03.2018 Hidi Hagar, near Gersau
private show
24.03.2018 m4music Festival
Award Show with Fredy Fantastico
10.03.2018 Mundwerk Kulturbiotip, Zürich Oerlikon
with Saint Tangerine Convention and The Raw Soul
23.02.2018 Aula Alte Schule , Horgen
with Cello Inferno, Teenage Kings, No Me Coman
16.02.2018 Moon Boot, Villars
27.01.2018 Nangijale, Disentis
30.12.2017 Scena 83, Majdanpek, Serbia
with Jimi Triple B 666 Blues Band
29.12.2017 Fusion Club, Kladovo, Serbia
with Jimi Triple B 666 Blues Band
28.12.2017 Piano Bar, Bor, Serbia
with Jimi Triple B 666 Blues Band
27.12.2017 Omladinski Centar, Zajecar, Serbia
with Jimi Triple B 666 Blues Band
22.12.2017 Marina Sv. Nikola, Zemun, Serbia
with Jimi Triple B 666 Blues Band
25.11.2017 Sansibar, Zureich
Gaswerk, Winterthur
with Left Land Cruisers
21.10.2017 Insa, Emden (Germany)
30.09.2017 Offene Lagerhalle 142, Winterthur
with J Tex and the Volunteers
28.09.2017 Friedhofsblond Garage, Schwerzenbach
02.09.2017 Openair am Greifensee, Greifensee
27.08.2017 Clanx Festival, Appenzell
One Burning Man Festival, Schötz
with Cello Inferno, Urban Junior, Reverend Beat Man,
King Automatic, Zero Absolu, Mr. Marcaille
Ride the Hill, Hauenstein
20.08.2017 Pascha Bar, Baden
05.08.2017 Kehlegg, Dornbirn
03.06.2017 Moon Rock Openair, Niederried
29.04.2017 Barbershop Marco il Figaro, Zurich
01.04.2017 m4music Award Show, Schiffbau, Zurich
31.03.2017 Achterbar, Wetzikon
30.03.2017 GGS31, Winterthur
with The Peacocks, Imatra, Butchers of Lassie
25.03.2017 Bogen F, Zürich
11.03.2017 Mitchell's Bar, Champery
(beware ... they didn't pay what was agreed)
25.02.2017 Villa Rosa, Winterthur
with Honkeyfinger
24.02.2017 Chybulski, Feldkirch (Austria)
with Honkeyfinger and Venus Bop
23.02.2017 Torgon Night Show, Torgon
with Honkeyfinger
22.02.2017 Le Salopard, Bienne
with Honkeyfinger
21.02.2017 La Caverne, Crest (France)
with Honkeyfinger
19.02.2017 La Mechanique Ondulatoire, Paris (France)
with Honkeyfinger and Chicken Diamond
17.02.2017 Moon Boots, Villars
28.01.2017 Bar Muntaniala, Surcuolm
Nangijala, Disentis
14.01.2017 Pub 84, Richterswil
28.12.2016 VOX Club, Belgrade (Serbia)
with Jimi Triple B 666 Blues Band
25.11.2016 HohlZGE, Zureich
with Nihilist Approved
22.10.2016 Garage Place, Buelach
21.10.2016 Hafnerstrasse, Zureich
with Met Solo
01.10.2016 Stone Creek Festival, Dornbirn (A)
with One Million Dollar Band, Missing Tooth a.m.m.
25.09.2016 Oil Leak Rumble, Guetterschuppen, Zürich
11.09.2016 Craft Beer Festival, Zürich
with Andy F (and Storm & Anchor)
03.09.2016 Farmer's Rock Festival, Rheinau
with Hielo and Marco Clerc
20.08.2016 Quartierhaus 5, Zuerich
06.08.2016 Werkstatt, Laupen
11.07.2016 Bosch Bar, Zürich
01.07.2016 GZ Hoengg, Zürich
Cafe Plüsch Fest
24.06.2016 Konkret Festival, Nänikon
with Cello Inferno, The Trembling Giants, Steiner & Madlaina, Pedro Lehmann, The Bear's Caveand more...
21.05.2016 Rocknroll Wedding, Ebnat-Kappel
Sahara Bar, Winterthur
06.05.2016 Rümp Fest, Rümpeltum, St.gallen
with Laser Mutants and more...
05.05.2016 Redneck Heaven, Feldbach
30.04.2016 The Laden, Schwaighausen (D)
29.04.2016 Kon-Tiki, Zuerich
with Ron Orp, The Jackets, The Broots, Cheibe Balagan
28.04.2016 Moserstr 30, Bern
with Black Cat Bone and String Stranglers
16.04.2016 m4music Award Show, Schiffbau, Zürich
with the fabulous Anic Lautenschlager.
08.04.2016 Villa Rosa, Winterthur
19.03.2016 Marco Il Figaro, Zürich
11.03.2016 Between, Bregenz (A)
with Speedy and the Fuck Offs and Batman&Apeman
05.03.2016 Snowland Warmtobel Jam, Wildhaus
with Troubleman
11.02.2016 Filzfabrik, Enggistein
07.02.2016 Bundeshaus zu Wiedikon, Zuerich
with Toni and the Testicles
23.01.2016 Devi's Pearl, Zuerich
with Sheriff Perkins, Lance Vegas and Faxe
22.01.2016 Rümpeltum, St.Gallen
with Sheriff Perkins
08.01.2016 Schüür, Luzern
with Cello Inferno, Vic Shelby, Intoxica Surf Trio,
Toni and the Testicles and Cosmic George
27.12.2015 Soho Bar, Kosovska Mitrovica (Serbia)
26.12.2015 Lobi Klub, Svilajnac (Serbia)
with Concrete Worms
Fotosinteza, Belgrade (Serbia)
12.12.2015 Ace Cafe, Luzern
05.12.2015 MackMusic, Wald
01.12.2015 Progr Hof, Bern
Klangkartoffel Festival
28.11.2015 Koch Areal, Zureich
with Beelzebub and Bruno
19.11.2015 Bahnhofplatz, Baden
07.11.2015 Knust, Hamburg (D)
24.10.2015 Kontrabass, Zuerich
with Lance Vegas and Faxe
03.10.2015 Bike Fest, Gryon
Autumn Bike Fest, Champery
16.08.2015 Rock the Frog Festival, Gögelland
01.08.2015 Schuexenhaus, Ins
31.07.2015 Moon Boot Lounge, Villars
25.07.2015 Rondell, Richterswil
with The Professor
20.06.2015 Fete de la Musique, Torgon
with Dok Bad, The Kingsteps, Soark, Brize, Sound Touch
24.05.2015 Pfingsten Festival, Thur bei Andelfingen
with Fabe Vega, The Gold Is Mine, Little Tornados
Toni & the Testicles and Mr. Marble’s Puddle Stompers
18.04.2015 Ventilator Records, Winterthur
Record Store Day 2015
28.03.2015 Festival di Invasione Monobanda, Rom (I)
with Hombre Lobo International, Leadfoot Tea,
TonyLaMuerte, The Blues Against Youth, and more
27.03.2015 T-Trane, Perugia (I)
with Leadfoot Tea
19.03.2015 Le Verre à Soi, Torgon
Rock the Pistes Festival. Porte du Soleil.
07.03.2015 La Barboleuse, Gryon
Telefest 8th Edition by Worstcrew
WG69, Bern
with Menic and Lady Gomorra
16.01.2015 Moon Boots Lounge, Villars
02.01.2015 Lobi Klub, Svilajnac (SRB)
with Jimi Triple 666 Blues Band
29.12.2014 Novi Bioskop Zvezda, Belgrade (SRB)
27.12.2014 Kuglas, Belgrade (SRB)
with Jimi Triple 666 Blues Band
26.12.2014 Club Rocknrolla, Kraljevo (SRB)
with Filip Pandrc
20.12.2014 Kuglas, Belgrade (SRB)
playing with Jimi Triple 666 Blues Band
12.12.2014 Kuzeb, Bremgarten
with Cello Inferno
Lagerplatz, Winterthur
der stadtaufwertung den prozess machen.
29.11.2014 Tango el Diablo Festival, Ravensburg (D)
with A Pony Named Olga, Mars Attacks,
The Rusty Robots, The Fancy Dolls
and Hemo & The Other
08.11.2014 Bierhalle, Balgach
celebrating with SPEEDY AND THE FUCK OFFS
31.10.2014 Minimum, Zuerich
with Tribi and free ski film premiere
Lange Bluesnacht, Trossingen (D)
with Dyinamite Daze and more
18.10.2014 Schrottbar, Biel (CH)
with Sheriff Perkins
and Metalian
17.10.2014 Bistro des Tilleuls, Annecy (F)
with Sheriff Perkins
16.10.2014 La Harambee, Villars (CH)
with Sheriff Perkins
15.10.2014 Mergenerhof, Trier (D)
with Sheriff Perkins
14.10.2014 Mudd Club, Strasbourg (F)
with Sheriff Perkins
12.10.2014 L'Escale, Montreuil (F)
with Sheriff Perkins
11.10.2014 L'Harmony, Montreuil (F)
with Sheriff Perkins and Chicken Diamond
10.10.2014 Les Trois Pieces, Rouen (F)
with Sheriff Perkins and Rock and Bones
09.10.2014 El Diablo, Lille (F)
with Sheriff Perkins and Sonic Angels
11.09.2014 Koch Areal, Zuerich
Zirkus Chnopf Jubiläumsfest
with Ashes to Beauty and a punk boxing match
23.08.2014 R'n'R Barbeque, Daellikon
Rock the Frog Festival, Gögelland
with The Royal Hangmen, Restock, The Socks and more
Bucheron sur les toits 24, Bern
short 2-string canjo surprise set
25.07.2014 Rocknroll Wedding, Winterthur
18.07.2014 Pub 84, Richterswil
04.07.2014 Openair Grienen, Winterthur
with Pueblo Criminal, Erwin Stereo, Fear Le Funk
08.06.2014 Halt auf Verlangen Festival, Grünewald
with Baby Jail, Kronzeugen, Pussywarmers and more
07.06.2014 Schneiderei, Zuerich
17.05.2014 Pub 84, Richterswil
03.05.2014 Kinski, Zürich
Shakedown with DJ Lance Vegas and Pat Madison
17.04.2014 Caep, Portalegre (Portugal)
with Honkeyfinger and Tumba Swing
16.04.2014 Pax Julia, Beja (Portugal)
with Honkeyfinger and
Tumba Swing
12.04.2014 Geko, Winterthur
with Unhaim and GränniBueb
29.03.2014 m4music Award Show, BOX Schiffbau, Zürich
28.03.2014 GGS31, Winterthur
Battle vs. Xtreme Blues Dog and The Skunks
22.03.2014 Safari Bar, Zürich
08.03.2014 Viscose Bar, Emmenbrücke
08.02.2014 The Alibi, Villars
01.02.2014 Autonomer Beauty Salon, Zürich
with GränniBueb and Dennerclan
17.01.2014 Kraftfeld, Winterthur
with Men from S.P.E.C.T.R.E.
and The Trottles of Death
02.01.2014 Rock Caffe, Svilajnac (Serbia)
with Jimi Triple-B's 666 Blues Band
29.12.2013 DRUM Bar, Velika Plana (Serbia)
with Jimi Triple-B's 666 Blues Band
28.12.2013 Vox Club, Belgrade (Serbia)
with Jimi Triple-B's 666 Blues Band
27.12.2013 Klub Foxtrot, Novi Sad (Serbia)
with Jimi Triple-B's 666 Blues Band
26.12.2013 KB Club, Pozarevac (Serbia)
with Jimi Triple-B's 666 Blues Band
25.12.2013 Klub Twist, Kragujevac (Serbia)
with Jimi Triple-B's 666 Blues Band
08.12.2013 Big30, Oberriet
30.11.2013 KUZEB, Bremgarten
with Chicken Diamond
29.11.2013 Graf Hugo, Feldkirch (A)
Stay Sick Festival
with Stator and Black Mud River
02.11.2013 Kramer Fest, Wagenplatz Rikon
with Reverend Beat-Man, Nadja Zela, Calypso Joe,
Rotsch-O-Mat, Clara Moreau and more...
26.10.2013 Fabriggli, Buchs
with Royal Crown Combo
13.10.2013 Sinister Noise, Rome (I)
with Giancane
12.10.2013 Schuexenhaus, Ins
with Sonic Angels, Chamito and The Trottles of Dead !!
05.10.2013 Fabrikk Areal Olten Sued-West, Olten
with Reverend Beat-Man
28.09.2013 PIT, Bruchsal (D)
16.08.2013 Sahara Bar, Winterthur
Musikfestwochen Winterthur
13.07.2013 X-Tra, Zuerich, Rattle'n'Roll #7
with Jack Rabbit Slim, The Dead, The Bahareebas
and Billy Jackson and his Rude Boy
06.07.2013 Industrie45, Zug
with Cello Inferno und The Royal Hangmen
06.07.2013 Kick fuer Toleranz, Reitplatz, Winterthur
with Orefik, Pueblo Criminal and...
29.06.2013 Mergener Hof, Trier (D)
with Sheriff Perkins
14.06.2013 Achterbar, Wetzikon
11.05.2013 Driisg Euf, Bern
02.05.2013 Royal, Baden
01.05.2013 1.Mai Fest, Kasernenareal, Zuerich
with Cargo Pilots and Speedy and the Fuckoffs
27.04.2013 Depot 195, Winterthur
with Luca Little, Moira Solo and AEDI
20.04.2013 Kinski Klub, Zuerich
Shakedown with DJ's Lance Vegas and Faxe
23.03.2013 Starkstrom Vol2, Schoetz
with Navel and Phased
22.03.2013 Bundeshaus zu Wiedikon, Zuerich
09.03.2013 Rock'n'Roots Festival, Philippsburg (D)
with Dinamite Daze and Spoonhead
08.03.2012 KIK, Offenburg (D)
with Dinamite Daze and Spoonhead
26.01.2013 Lobi Klub, Svilajnac (Serbia)
with Jimi Triple B's 666 Blues Band
25.01.2013 Culturni Centar Evergreen, Kraljevo (Serbia)
24.01.2013 CRYM Youth Club, Kosovska Mitrovica (Serbia)
19.01.2013 Hard Place, Zagreb (Croatia)
with Harp Explosion Thee One Man Band
18.01.2013 Walkow, Vinkovci (Croatia)
with Harp Explosion Thee One Man Band
13.01.2013 Kuglas, Belgrade (Serbia)
with Fat Walk Band
12.01.2013 Club Foxtrot, Novi Sad (Serbia)
11.01.2013 Mojo Club, Senta (Serbia)
29.12.2012 Raum Terassenweg, Bern
with DJ's Beat-Man and Sever
26.12.2012 Agglo Disco, Zuerich
by invitation only
15.12.2012 The Great Räng Teng Teng, Freiburg (D)
Norton Records Charity Gala
30.11.2012 Stagshead Hoxton, London (UK)
with Becky Lee and Drunkfoot + One Man Destruction Show
23.11.2012 McGuills, Glasgow (UK)
with Charles Randolph Rivers' Slim Rhythm Revue
19.11.2012 The Moon Club, Cardiff (UK)
with Lyrical Jesus
27.10.2012 Belpberg, Belp
13.10.2012 Zona Mutante, Geneva
Rough Fest with The Smoggers and Thee Eviltones
14.09.2012 Bad Bonn, Düdingen
with Sacha Love One Man Show + The Trottles of Dead
15.09.2012 Rock'n'Roll Wedding, Menzingen
09.08.2012 Cry Baby Rockabilly Bar, Zuerich
04.08.2012 Openair am Bielersee, Vinelz
with I Love Sarah, The Monofones, Nick Porsche, Naam a.m.
31.07.2012 Baeumli, Zur Plage der Nation, Winterthur
with Dr.Farfisa und Radio Stadtfilter
14.07.2012 MJC Mergener Hof, Trier (D)
Bad Music for Bad People, Rock'n'Roll Barbeque
27.06.2012 Regionale Werkstatt, Hausen
23.06.2012 Achterbar, Wetzikon
with Pancho and the Lefties
27.05.2012 Blues Rules Festival, Crissier
with Adam Gussow, Les Freres Souchet, Molly Gene One Whoaman Band, Reverend Beatman, Possesed by Paul James, Mountain Men and many more....
04.05.2012 Live Gig on Radio Lora, The Late Greats
29.04.2012 Fossil Bar, Grabs
special perfomance after SF Toefflibuebe.
20.04.2012 Fossil Bar, Grabs
07.04.2012 Wydenstrasse 7 Festival, Zuerich
05.04.2012 Le Millenium, L'Isle-d'Abeau (F)
Live Radio Show with Hugo Clarence + Phil Bonin
04.04.2012 Bar Agora, Basel
with Slim Wild Boar
31.03.2012 Mars Bar, Zuerich
20.02.2012 Café Amélie, Giessen (D)
End of Tour with Chuck Violence
19.02.2012 Plan B, Münster (D)
18.02.2012 Sauna Klub, Wolfsburg (D)
16.02.2012 White Trash, Berlin (D)
13.02.2012 Bassy Club, Berlin (D)
10.02.2012 Kaffee 't Hof, Middelburg (NL)
09.02.2012 Le Shamrock, Liege (B)
08.02.2012 Madame Moustache, Brussels (B)
07.02.2012 Kinky Star, Ghent (B)
04.02.2012 Galerie Gonzales, Ravensburg (D)
with The Mortars and Chuck Violence
03.02.2012 KUZEB, Bremgarten
02.02.2012 Rockgate, Dornbirn (A)
Start of Tour with Chuck Violence
28.01.2012 Bankk, Wildhaus
17.12.2011 Dreitonbar, Ravensburg (D)
with Reverend Beatman and Urban Junior
16.12.2011 Rockgate, Dornbirn (A)
with The Mortars
10.12.2011 Bar Berlin, Luzern
with Lance Vegas
07.12.2011 Lido, Lausanne
with Extreme Blues Dog
04.12.2011 Cubo Libre, Zuerich
03.12.2011 Goldach Moosbach, Kaien
26.11.2011 Tango el Diablo Festival, Ravensburg (D)
at Galerie Gonzales with Kamikaze Queens,
The Psychonauts, Tim Vantol, Matt Tansey, The Mortars,
The Burning Aces, Kluettig Trio
29.10.2011 RAUM Terassenweg, Bern
13.10.2011 Salzhaus, Winterthur
with Sedlmeir, Sweet Sweet Moon and Hasu (Peacocks)
08.10.2011 Bar Agora, Basel
with Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger + Sheriff Perkins
07.10.2011 Ruempeltum, St.Gallen
with Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger + Sheriff Perkins
06.10.2011 L'Impromtu, La-Chaux-de-Fonds
One Man Band Marathon
Thee MAA at L'Entre Deux + the Sheriff at Centraf
05.10.2011 MCC Chaouée, Metz (F)
with Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger,
Sheriff Perkins + Chicken Diamond
09.09.2011 Kraftfeld, Winterthur
with The Royal Hangmen
07.08.2011 PALP Festival
La Place Centrale, Martigny, VS
31.07.2011 Seebeizli Horn
Summernights, Richterswil, ZH
18.06.2011 Chraen Openair, Neftenbach bei Winterthur
17.06.2011 Festival des Arcs, Ehrendingen
07.05.2011 SUD, Basel
with Sheriff Perkins + Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger
06.05.2011 Le Poulpe, Reignier, France
with Sheriff Perkins + Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger
05.05.2011 Centraf, La Chaux-de-Fonds
with Sheriff Perkins + Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger
30.04.2011 Ventilator Records Store, Winterthur
Blinker18 next to Kraftfeld
24.04.2011 Old Gregory Strip, Zuerich
with Tonga Tale
02.04.2011 L'Usine, Geneva One Man Bands and Garage Night
with King Automatic and Urban Junior
26.03.2011 Plan B, Muenster (D)
19.03.2011 X-Tra, Zuerich
Rattle'n Roll Festival with Hillbilly Moon Explosion
12.03.2011 Harambee Cafe, Gryon
Trash the Blues Party
03.03.2011 Le Boute du Monde, Vevey
Open Mic Special Guest
29.01.2011 Mariaberg, Rorschach
with Bloodshot Bill
28.01.2011 Club Hey, Zuerich
23.01.2011 Reitschule, Bern
Tour de Lorraine Festival
03.12.2010 Ruempeltum, St-Gallen
with Chuck Violence and Sheriff Perkins
01.12.2010 Bar Agora, Basel
with Chuck Violence and Sheriff Perkins
27.11.2010 Tango el Diablo Festival, Ravensburg (D)
at Galerie Gonzales with The Vibromatics, Blue Rocking, Chuck Violence, Sheriff Perkins, The Flying Minman
19.11.2010 Spenglerei; Winterthur
with Kingsize in Disguise
24.09.2010 Les Caves du Manoir, Martigny
with Guitar Fucker
15.05.2010 Cubo Libre, Zuerich (first gig as T.T.T.)

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